Powder Sheets and Balls – Sleep with Anne – Episode 003

Impress her with your luxurious silk sheets

Lets talk about power, sheets and balls.
Before we get to the fun-in-bed talk, let’s talk about hot nights and how powder can help you sleep. If you sprinkle powder on your sheets it can cool you down at night.

According to the Huffington Post, you can keep your sheets dry and cool in the heat with a little baby powder. The trick is to sprinkle just a little bit. You can do it when you make your bed in the morning, so when you slip in at night it feels and smells fresh. The powder will keep your skin cool. As a perk, if your girlfriend spends the night she’ll be amazed at the great smell of your clean sheets!

I’ve smelled bad sheets before and it’s no fun. Some men, and women, don’t change their sheets often. The smell of your sweat sleeping night after night becomes dull to your nose, but not his or hers. Ewwww…I know.

Also, don’t use so much that you choke yourself or your date (there’s better ways to choke yourself). Inhaling powder can be fatal. Dr. Weil has a lot to say about the safety concerns of talcum powder. Read the link and get up on your powder knowledge so you can assure your honey they’re safe in your powder soft sheets.

Better yet, use corn starch based powder. I’ve included a link here for you to buy it. Your sleep will never be the same!

Now, can we please move on to the Angel Kisses of powder on your balls you’ve been waiting for? (There now, that’s much better than Dr. Weil isn’t it?)

It’s a way to get rid of stinky balls, and what’s commonly referred to as, SWAMP CROTCH! No woman likes it and if you’re trying to be with one, and she’s down there? You need this stuff.

But that’s not how I discovered this because surprisingly the man I have been with didn’t have swamp crotch.

But what you can do with your man’s balls, if you’ve never tried it, is surprise him with a dusting of powder. it will feel like silk to you and to him. It’s been said to feel like an angels kiss for men.

This is a good thing for you and for them, because I’m just gonna say it. Men want you down there, but many have usually got some level of swamp crotch going on. Well ladies, this will cure it! And the men will love it!

Men and women should always have  some corn starch powder in your bedside table drawer.

Trust me, don’t buy that ‘kinky’ powder from the sex store. That’s totally no Bueno. You need to buy the cornstarch powder. And from personal experience, just squeeze that bottle and swoosh one time. Push it out, let the powder sprinkle his balls and the air and rub it on. It won’t hurt a thing and it will be a much more enjoyable experience for you.

Question is, is it’s safe? Does it taste good? Is it edible? Well, it’s corn starch, and in the heat of the moment you won’t even notice. If you have to, keep a carbonated drink, glass of wine or chocolate in the bedside table too. Trust me, you’ll be fine.

Until next time, enjoy your sleep and your sex!

Love, Anne

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