Have you heard of Feng Fu and have you ever used ice for fun in bed? If not, you’re totally missing out!

Use ice on yourself, use it on your lover, put it places you would never imagine. This is one of my explicit episodes. I don’t hold back as I tell you all about what Marcia and her boyfriend discovered they could do with ice.

COOL TO KNOW:  Icy items and cold temperatures can be used as a sleeping aid. According to Scientific American, cooling down your brain may help you sleep better. (I know, I was just as surprised as I think you may be).

In a future episode, I take an ice bath before bed, and share more about the benefits of ice and sleep. I’m posting the Ice Cap for you to get a sneak preview now. Who knows? You might get started putting ice on your head now and just start sleeping better. Below is the original ice cap made for migraines initially, but according to science it can also help you have a great night sleep – blindfolded even ; )


Now let’s talk about Feng Fu. It’s been called the surprising trick to feeling good. Fu has also been called, the ultimate ice therapy and the start of happiness. Not only does putting ice on this little spot help you sleep (which is our main point), but it is said to do a lot of other things too:

-Improve your sleep quality
-Reduce headaches, joint pain and tooth ache
-Reduce and eliminate the effects of a cold

-Improve your overall cardiovascular system
-Improve your digestive system
-Reduce the symptoms of asthma
-Reduce the symptoms of arthritis, hypertension and hypotension
-Cure sexually transmitted diseases (WHAT?)

Happiness starts here!

-Manage neurological disorders and spinal degeneration
-Manage thyroid disorders
-Manage impotence, infertifily and menstrual disorders
-Manage obesity, manlnutrition and gastronintestinal tract
-Manage stress, chronic fatigue, insomnia and depression

(Um, please don’t use any of this as an alternative to getting a doctor for any of these things.)


Alright then, come to bed with me and let’s find our Feng Fu spots together!


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