Ep 32 – Sleeping In or Out of PANTIES


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Ep 32 – Sleeping In or Out of PANTIES

This episode we talk all things panties, underwear, skivvies, whatever you prefer to call them.

Grab all the benefits for both men and women for sleeping without panties here. Thank you Dr. Health Benefits for this wonderful article.

Now if you want to know what to do with all those panties since you no longer wear them, check out what our hipster friend, Lindsey Rose Black had to say on an article on Hustle. Thanks for your awesome ideas Lindsey!

Personally, I save all my panties and torch them on Valentine’s day! It’s been a great family tradition that allows us to have to go out shopping for undies to replenish the undergarment drawer. Try it and send me a pic of your panties on fire! (SAFETY FIRST).

For the HOT date idea related to panties, listen to the show, email me and let me know how it went for ya at SleepWithAnne@gmail.com if you have comments, ideas or questions for future shows.

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