Ep 23 – Sexy Noises, Men & Orgasms


Tonight we talk about why women make noise during sex, the impact of noise on your sleep and immune system plus a segment from a man at the bar discussing whether a man cares if a woman is satisfied or not. Lastly, you’ll hear the new toilet fart button! (It’s my favorite).

For those of you that like to know where I get this stuff:

I had no idea that noise had such an impact on sleep. According to, The National Research Sleep Project, Exposure to noise at night can suppress immune function even if the sleeper doesn’t wake.

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That led me to looking up what kind of impact noises have during sex. Low and behold (gotta love a good cliche), I found out that there’s research on reasons women make noises during sex.

Do women actually make noise during sex because their bored? Find out on this weeks episode.

We also have the sounds of the new toilet fart button. You don’t wanna miss that!



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