Breathing for Sleep and Sex – Sleep with Anne – Episode 004

Breathe in bed with Anne as takes you through the 4-7-8 technique proven to help you fall asleep in 60 seconds! (oops – you’d miss the entire podcast if it worked)

Then Anne talks about using breathing techniques to last longer with your lover. What? YES!

credit: Men’s Health

As you’re having sex you’ll notice that your breathing gets faster and shallower as you become more aroused. This fast breathing causes your pulse to race and your blood to flow faster. It makes your penis more sensitive and your senses more heightened. Getting in all of this oxygen is almost like a high, not to mention the fact that sex feels good too.

You need to pay close attention to your body and notice the telltale signs of when you’re starting to approach orgasm. When you feel it coming on you’ll want to slow down your thrusting movements and focus on your breathing. Close your eyes if this helps. Breathe in slowly, hold your breath for the count of five and let it out slowly. You can time your thrusts with your breathing, but make sure you go slowly.

Your breathing and thrusts should go like this:

  1. Breathe in for a slow count of five as you pull back, withdrawing your penis almost to the tip.
  2. Hold for the count of five and remain still.
  3. Breathe out slowly for the count of five as you slide back into your partner.

Keep focusing on this type of breathing and you’ll be able to last longer in bed and when you finally do climax it will be more explosive than ever.


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