Blindfolds – Sleep with Anne – Ep 010


Anne talks about blindfolds for sleeping any why men probably won’t enjoy being blindfolded as much as women will. She ends the night with an awesome goodnight meditation.


Blindfolds? So simple right? Maybe not!
Blindfolds and sleep – do they really help?
Seriously – I don’t remember the five senses?
Does pressure on your eyes help you sleep better? I dare you to google it!
Sex and blindfolds – a new ‘view’ (haha)
Should you use blindfolds on men? Hmmmm….
Let’s destroy the 50 Shades stereotypes & 50 Shades Fantasy Workshop
Let’s give play back to the grownups! Want more options, there are hundreds!
Wishes for your best night sleep
Silly sleep meditation to fall asleep by
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