Tonight we talk about why women make noise during sex, the impact of noise on your sleep and immune system plus a segment from a man at the bar discussing whether a man cares if a woman is satisfied or not. Lastly, you’ll hear the new toilet fart button! (It’s my favorite).

For those of you that like to know where I get this stuff:

I had no idea that noise had such an impact on sleep. According to, The National Research Sleep Project, Exposure to noise at night can suppress immune function even if the sleeper doesn’t wake.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

That led me to looking up what kind of impact noises have during sex. Low and behold (gotta love a good cliche), I found out that there’s research on reasons women make noises during sex.

Do women actually make noise during sex because their bored? Find out on this weeks episode.

We also have the sounds of the new toilet fart button. You don’t wanna miss that!



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Do you sleep nude? Weigh in on The Sleep with Anne face book page. Learn about the dangers of sleep deprivation and the impact it could have on your Sex drive. Hear an easy tip for falling asleep quickly so sleep deprivation won’t happen to you!

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Anne shares how your feet are scientifically proven to help you fall asleep (providing the hair on your toes is shaved). Hear how playing footsies is proof of a good relationship and a brief touch on foot worship.

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Anne talks about blindfolds for sleeping any why men probably won’t enjoy being blindfolded as much as women will. She ends the night with an awesome goodnight meditation.


Blindfolds? So simple right? Maybe not!
Blindfolds and sleep – do they really help?
Seriously – I don’t remember the five senses?
Does pressure on your eyes help you sleep better? I dare you to google it!
Sex and blindfolds – a new ‘view’ (haha)
Should you use blindfolds on men? Hmmmm….
Let’s destroy the 50 Shades stereotypes & 50 Shades Fantasy Workshop
Let’s give play back to the grownups! Want more options, there are hundreds!
Wishes for your best night sleep
Silly sleep meditation to fall asleep by
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Anne shares about foods you shouldn’t eat before bed if you want a good night of sleep, and then she tells you what food you shouldn’t eat if you want a good night of sex. Anne shares stories in her delightful, entertaining way so you can go to sleep thinking happy thoughts.


Using a flashlight in bed for fun!
Eating before bed – should you?
Foods to avoid before sex
Gas while you sleep?
Food is sexy!
Fridge Raids!
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The frontal lobes like cool temperatures for better sleep. Segway right into what you can do in bed with ice cubes!


the question, do guys like teasing?


The Frontal Lobe likes Colder Temps for sleep


The segway to the Ice Sickle Story
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