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Ep 32 – I’m Kinky and they’re NOT! What to do about that.


This is a series that is near and dear to my heart. For the next three episodes, we will be having an open discussion with a selection of people who are living a kinky lifestyle. They answer your questions and even their own together in the process!

In this first episode, we discuss, you’re a kinky lover, but the person you are interested in isn’t. What do you do? What does it mean to be kinky? Hear how couples might bring kink into their lives without the harsh lifestyle typified by BDSM.

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We will be back to regular programming soon!

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Ep 32 – Sleeping In or Out of PANTIES

This episode we talk all things panties, underwear, skivvies, whatever you prefer to call them.

Grab all the benefits for both men and women for sleeping without panties here. Thank you Dr. Health Benefits for this wonderful article.

Now if you want to know what to do with all those panties since you no longer wear them, check out what our hipster friend, Lindsey Rose Black had to say on an article on Hustle. Thanks for your awesome ideas Lindsey!

Personally, I save all my panties and torch them on Valentine’s day! It’s been a great family tradition that allows us to have to go out shopping for undies to replenish the undergarment drawer. Try it and send me a pic of your panties on fire! (SAFETY FIRST).

For the HOT date idea related to panties, listen to the show, email me and let me know how it went for ya at if you have comments, ideas or questions for future shows.

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Ep 31 – Real Talk about Relationships

This episode I’m sandwiched between two guys in a bar. Hear them share their thoughts candidly about sex, women, hygiene and more!

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Ep 29 – Live from Club Kink Jax

Listen in to members at Club Kink in Jacksonville, Florida talk about what it’s like to live a kinky lifestyle and how you can get your partner to participate in kinky things with you – even if they aren’t the ‘kinky’ type!

Email me at if you have questions about kinks you want to hear on future shows.

Many people can get discouraged when their partner doesn’t want to share in their kinky desires. Rather than getting discouraged and giving up, take this quiz and see what might appeal to them best!

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Ep 28 – What’s your Sleep Position Personality?

On this show find out what your sleeping position says about you and what kind of sex you crave. I went back to the original format for this show, a blast from the past, straight from bed with zero sound effects!

We went over the four popular sleep positions of men and discussed what type it reveals about their personality and what they want crave sexually. Information provided Thanks to Cosmopolitan for sharing.

Email me at and let me know if this is accurate of your man, or if you are a man, if this is accurate for you. Us gals want to know


If your guy sleeps face down this guy might like to be in control. The personality style says he likes to be in control and that need doesn’t stop because he’s asleep.

This information was found in the book, Sleep Positions: The Night Language of the Body, by Samuel Dunkell, MD. “Covering the bed with his body is a way of controlling the space he is sleeping in.”

For similar reasons, this posture suggests that he’s strong-willed.

Patty Wood, the author of Success Signals: A Guide to Reading Body Language, writes that these men are usually focused and goal-oriented.

What kind of sex does the face down sleeper crave?

He tends to be traditional and he wants to get the job done. Wood says it’s likely he’ll stick to the position that works for both of you. You can avoid a rut by suggesting a new move now or then or pouncing on him when he least expects it.

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If your man sleeps on his back it shows that he’s secure and optimistic. Not like that

“In general people who sleep on their back are very social and like to be the center of attention,” says Dr. Dunklel. “When they sleep the straight comes through since they’re literally showing themselves off.”

This man is most likely very energetic liking intense sessions in positions like doggy style and missionary. Wood says, “He’s the type that likes to take charge.”

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Sleeping on your side is very common, men who snooze this way tend to be laid-back and quick to compromise. “It’s the most flexible pose possible,” explains Dr. Dunkell.

Equally, when he rolls to the left or the right it means they are more steadfast. You’ll notice he may draw his knees into a fetal shape which indicates that he’s a more sensitive person and craves comfort.

The sex he craves would be leisurely foreplay. This is your romantic man he’s passionate and he likes to kiss.

In my WIKS Relationships system, this man is your fire keeper. He’ll be there through thick and thin and he’s very loyal. An extra bonus is that he’s a good listener ladies while you talk to him he will kiss you in between the things you say and stroke your hair while you’re doing it.

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Thrashing is common for people that work the night shift and it can be a sign of stress. Doctor Dunkell says, “When you’re under pressure the brain releases hormones that trigger the fight or flight response.”

Men deal with stress by either wanting a ton of sex or none at all. If he’s the first type just go for the quickie because he won’t be able to relax for a marathon session. But if he’s the latter, don’t pressure him. Maybe offer him a massage instead

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Tonight’s show is all about socks. The amazing things socks can do for you and how you can enjoy socks as a couple. If nothing else you can beat people with your sock…rice sock that is.

We made them on this week’s show. Directions for you here:

Rocket Science Craft: Rice Socks

Step 1: Materials. 1 Pair of Socks (make sure there are no synthetic materials in socks!) 1 1/2 cups of Rice.
Step 2: Making the Heating Pad. Pour rice into one of the socks. Tie a knot at the top of the sock. …
Step 3: Using the Heating Pad. Put the heating pad in the microwave for 1-2 minutes.

Textiquette for men (Anne’s short list of what kind of pictures you should not send a woman ever)

  1. Unsolicited pics with your dogs – it really doesn’t make you look cuter.
  2. Unsolicited pics from bed with your dog or your child’s blanket.
  3. Unsolicited Hairy Body pics – says ewww to the guy who sent me his nipples down to his belly button covered in hair
  4. Unsolicited dick pics are a NO – NEVER – NOT! BUT…if you have to send one don’t send it when you’re soft (this should be obvious but I’ve been told otherwise by women who’ve gotten them).
  5. Your Socks (yes this happened and this episode was born).

Best selfies to send:

    And the classiest selfie award goes to:

  1. Silloutte Guy (the guy that sent a silhouette of his hard on and for a bonus said he was doing laundry and thought of her when he texted – classy play)
  2. Special tip: Be sure you’re looking into the camera and NOT at yourself when you take a selfie. They are meant to make a connection with the person you send them too. Look into the camera, smile and say cheezy!

Back to socks…
I LOVE wearing socks to bed. But when I had previously researched it for another podcast I’d done I found sleep hacks saying to let your bare feet dangle in the cold to get better sleep. It has to do with the temperature your body likes to fall asleep quickly and your feet have a better chance at acclimating the rest of your body.

So this is conflicting research here. Is anyone surprised?

Even so, the benefits of wearing socks at night blew my mind! Now I’m back to wearing socks all over again to bed cause look at this:

    Ladies – Wearing socks in bed can actually help relieve hot flashes!
    Ladies AND Men – Wearing socks in bed can increase potential orgasms!

Decide for yourself and Read all about why you should wear socks to bed here.

According to research, there are better socks to wear than others. Buy these….

FUN TOES Men’s Merino Wool Socks -6 Pack Value-
Lightweight,Reinforced-Size 8-12 (2 Black, 2 Blue, 2 Green)

Enjoy your warm cozy, comfy feet, better sleep and more orgasms! (hopefully without the hot flashes).

chopstick and greenbean

Who knew that when I went to eat at Cooper Hawk’s restaurant tonight that I would look at chopsticks and get an idea for the show.

Could be used for sleep and sex? Read on, you will not believe what I found!

Chopsticks have always been in my toy bag because you can use them for poking, prodding, scratching dragging lightly across the skin, sensually rubbing, tapping lightly,  drawing I love you into your lover’s belly and if you have a metal pair of chopsticks you can put it them the freezer it makes it even more exciting. Yes, there’s a lot you can do with chopsticks but I didn’t know when I started researching it how much more I would find.

So your challenge for this episode and this week is to take your lover to a restaurant that has chopsticks. Don’t tell your lover why you’re there. Have a wonderful dinner. Use the Chopsticks seductively looking at her as you pick up food with your chopstick letting it drop off and hit the plate. Slurp it up with your fingers if you have to but get her excited. Say, I bet you wouldn’t guess what I can do to you with these chopsticks. Poke her under the table with the chopsticks ever so lightly and tease her with the chopsticks.

Using chopsticks is a fun and impersonal way to touch, coerce and rub someone as long as their game! Don’t acost them with it or wack them under the table with a chopstick. Remember…this is meant to be soft and seductive. This is meant for people that are playful already.

If you don’t have a lover that’s okay. Get some Chopsticks and put them in your toy box or buy the metal ones that I have suggested here and have them ready for when you do get a lover so you can make them a nice meal use your chopsticks and hint at what you’re going to do with those Chopsticks all through your meal!

There’s more play that can be done with chopsticks. With four rubberbands they can be makeshift nipple torture devices or clamps for the tongue and other things! Read on for the suggestions from the pros (or at least from those I googled.)

More on Chopstick Play

This from Curious Deviants on Pintrist:

DIY BDSM Chopstick Nipple Clamps – All you need are chopsticks and 4 rubber bands and you’ve got yourself very effective nipple, tongue or wherever clamps!

Chopsticks for Nipple Clamps
Mistress Matisse (no clue who she is) has a column in Control Tower she wrote in 2006 called, Genital Play for Beginners.

The following is directly from her post but I’ve also included a link here. It gives you ideas for your chopsticks and safety first! Make sure all the splinters are out. Better yet, take a look at these chopsticks from Amazon, the kind you won’t have to worry one bit about splinters.

 Rbenxia Metal Steel Chopstick Stainless Steel Spiral Chopsticks 5 Pairs


“If your partner is female, try this: Take her outermost pussy lips—labia majora, if you like the Latin terms—between your thumb and forefinger and squeeze a bit. Start off easy, and have her tell you if you can go harder or not. Once you’ve determined how much pressure feels okay, you can employ some of my favorite female genital play toys: chopsticks. You need two pairs of them—make sure you get all the splinters off—and also four rubber bands. Cinch a pair of chopsticks loosely together at one end with one rubber band. Then open them into a v-shape and place one of her labia between them. Now the tricky part: You’re going to take the other rubber band and wrap it around the open end of the chopsticks. However, it’s likely that on your first time out, you won’t want to bring the two ends completely together because that would be a lot of pressure. So make only a few loops around the open end, just enough to hold the chopsticks in place. Then do the same to the other labia. Check in with her, and adjust the rubber bands to your mutual liking.”

Now for the better sleep part.As far as sleep is concerned, if you’re interested in ASMR there are a few

You can massage your scalp or your lover’s scalp with chopsticks! Yep! Watch a couple of ASMR chopstick head massage videos for ideas (don’t fall asleep!) and then go to town on your sweetheart, yourself, or just watch the video and pretend someone is doing that to you! I am not ready for that yet but you know what they say! There’s something for…yeah yeah yeah.

Here’s one video for you check out.

Until next time, Stay HOT





Hey Annesomniacs!

Thanks for listening to The Sleep with Anne Podcast where we talk about ways to get a better night of sleep and things to do in bed if you can’t sleep.

In this episode you will learn about CBT  – Behavioral Cognitive Therapy for sleep and then we discuss CBT – Cock and Ball Torture – for play. Hear the latest fart button that’s sure to make you laugh, plus, meet my friend Michael, (he popped in to say hi!).

For a bonus, I thought I’d add one of the sleep hypnosis I enjoy found on YouTube. I also referenced other various free hypnosis recordings found on YouTube during the show. A google search will help you find your favorite. It’s good to find someone you resonate. There are males and females. It’s like a relaxing sound bath before bed. You’re gonna love it!

And if you’re curious to see what a male chastity for CBT looks like I’ve put a link to Amazon for you here to check them out.


Stainless Steel Penis Cage Male Chastity Device


Tonight we talk about why women make noise during sex, the impact of noise on your sleep and immune system plus a segment from a man at the bar discussing whether a man cares if a woman is satisfied or not. Lastly, you’ll hear the new toilet fart button! (It’s my favorite).

For those of you that like to know where I get this stuff:

I had no idea that noise had such an impact on sleep. According to, The National Research Sleep Project, Exposure to noise at night can suppress immune function even if the sleeper doesn’t wake.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

That led me to looking up what kind of impact noises have during sex. Low and behold (gotta love a good cliche), I found out that there’s research on reasons women make noises during sex.

Do women actually make noise during sex because their bored? Find out on this weeks episode.

We also have the sounds of the new toilet fart button. You don’t wanna miss that!